Transfering MATIC on Ethereum to Polygon (Matic) Network
The tokens that are purchased on exchanges such as Gemini or Coinbase are on the Ethereum network instead of on the Polygon (Matic) network. Consequently, to use MATIC for gas fees and other tokens on the Polygon Network we need to bridge tokens from the Ethereum network to Polygon.

Follow the few simple steps below to make this happen.
1. Withdraw the tokens you purchased from an exchange to your MetaMask wallet address
3. Login using your MetaMask wallet.
4. Once you are connected to Matic Web Wallet, you will see all of the tokens currently on the Polygon network.
5. Click on "Move funds from Ethereum to Polygon"
6. Click on the "Transfer to Polygon" dropdown. (Default should be "Ether")
7. Choose the token you wish to bridge over from the Ethereum network to the Polygon (Matic) network.
8. Input the amount you wish to bridge.
9. Click 'Transfer' then click 'Continue' to finish moving your tokens to the Matic network
10. You will then see an overview of the transfer that shows the total gas fee required to bridge the token over, click 'Continue' to proceed and follow the instructions on screen.
11. Once the transfer is initiated, it will take about 10 minutes for the tokens to arrive on your MetaMask wallet address on the Polygon network.
12. You can now use the tokens you bridged on the Polygon network.