Remember, the World's First Commemoration NFT, is a place to remember the ones you loved, respected, and admired that are no longer here with us today. Remember is composed of 1024 unique Memorial Blocks where you can commemorate those that have passed before us to be remembered with the world together. Each memorial block is an NFT( Non-fungible Token ) which means it is yours, and forever yours, to keep.
The Remember project started when we realized that blockchain's properties have the power to save cherished data forever - immutably and transparently. Each and every one of us has someone that we wish were here today. With Remember, our beloved lives on the blockchain and are remembered forever.
How it works
Remember is made of three parts: Remember Place, Memorial Block and Biography.
Remember Place
The Remember Place is where all 1024 memorial blocks are located and biographies are displayed. You may navigate the Remember Place and zoom into see each Memorial Blocks more closely. Memorial blocks that do not have biographies display a flower. When the biography of a Memorial Block is changed, the Remember Place is updated with the updated biography portrait.
Memorial Blocks
Memorial blocks are NFTs minted through a smart contract which follows the ERC-721 (0x824e36... ) Non-Fungible Token Standard. There is a total of 1024 Memorial Blocks numbered from 1 to 1024. Each Memorial Block has a unique location data on the Remember Place expressed as (x, y).

Memorial Blocks may be purchased on the Market that is powered by OpenSea. Please refer to the OpenSea Help Center article for transferring, purchasing, and selling NFTs through the Polygon (Matic) Network.
The Biography is the information that is displayed on each Memorial Block. It is composed of the person's name, portrait, date of birth, date of passing, and epitaph. The details submitted in the Biography are uploaded to the smart contract using the Polygon (Matic) Network so a small gas fee will incur when you first upload your Biography or whenever the Biography is changed. The Biography remains on the blockchain forever until it is edited by the Memorial Block's owner or is transferred to a different address. Memorial Blocks that do not have Biographies will display a flower as their portraits.
* You will be held responsible for the Biography you upload.
Empty Memorial Block
Memorial Block with Info
We sincerely hope Remember is not a place of grievance or sadness but rather a place where we are reminded of the happiness and joy that we shared with the individuals we held dear. Please be respectful when writing the biography. Remember was created to commemorate as a community the people that we loved, respected, and admired so we urge everyone to act accordingly with endearment, courtesy, and appreciation.
Since each memorial block is an NFT, you may transfer yours to another wallet address. It may also be traded on OpenSea. Please refer to the OpenSea link for transferring, purchasing, and selling NFTs.

In the event that you transfer your Memorial Block to another address, the Biography that was displayed in the Memorial Block will be removed for the new Memorial Block owner.
How to get started
Check our guide page for detailed instructions on how to get started: Guide
MEBL Price
Initial Price
Memorial Block will be sold on OpenSea with initial price of 0.004 ETH. All of the sales will be used to build Remember Metaverse.
There will be royalty fee of 2.5% of the secondary sale. We plan to donate the royalty fee to Alzheimer's Foundation.
What's Next?
All of Remember Classic NFTs have been sold out, and its next version is coming to you in a metaverse! Remember Metaverse NFT will be designed by few of the best 3D graphic artists and we will be hiring Metaverse developers to create an immersive experience.
Remember Metaverse coming soon